Against or truth

When the sun shines from behind, ie against the light- the picture is either white or black.

As a norm, something which is not in sync with nature is not right- a black memory. And something which is with the flow is colourful- a happy memory. When someone is trying to block your sunshine, you never see him in colours but just a black object. When someone brings the sunshine, it is a colourful life.

Just like a camera roll, developed- existent to world, is visible or shared with everyone- colourful. A negative which is not developed – black- hidden. Is really not shared.

Something which was true and you wanted to tell the world – is truth- a colourful memory or present.

Something which was fake, non existent to your world- is black- hidden from light- not in sync with nature.

All these analogies hold true for your relationships too! What you want to show to your world- is the truth. What you hide- is fake. You either co-exist with them or you don’t. You either have the courage to make their existence with you, or just don’t wish to. You either tell them the truth and add colours to their life or just hide them in a dark corner.

Nature and HIM have same norms for living and non living. The phenomen which makes a memory is same as pictures and people.

All you need to see is your sunshine- which makes every little thing in your life colourful and bright.

You choose which colour you wish to absorb.


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