Simply complicated

They say it will be either good or bad.But some also say nothing is good or bad. It is what you think.Why will you call someone good or bad if a few say what you see around is a reflection of what you are?We never say they have a shortcoming, like us. Nor do we…


Blank /blæŋk/ A feeling that suddenly dawns on me Leaving me colourless for days Numb, expressionless on some Sensitive, eccentric on most A non-existent thought Creating distant vibes Shrinking with time Denying existence Unapologetic Vacant

From the archive

There is this brightness in the dark blue sky. It’s the moonlight accompanying her moon. It’s the brightness of love, which has been growing over time in silence of stars. It’s the thoughts about him that she has scattered all over the dark sky, thinking he will catch a part of it, to smile. It’s…


Her imperfections was what he craved for in the end. -M

The moment of truth

For the longest she could love selflessly. For the longest she could wait for the truth. For the longest she could hold on to her moon. For the longest she could think of nothing but him. -the shortest relation they lived

Magical bench

Fortunately this bench had an amazing view. But I think almost every bench has one. A view that secludes you from the world- a magical view.  It takes you away in your own world. You battle with questions and few minutes down the line its just a blank spot. Thoughtless. Few mins later you enter…

Where next

First day of any vacation the question pops up – “where next?” I don’t really know if that is normal or not, but it has become a habit. In my childhood i remember clicking with the latest Kodak camera and getting the film developed and saving it in an album which after few months was…


It is all about you!  You choose what to see, the dead wall or the vibrant firangipani making it alive.  The short bushy tree colouring the life or a tall brown bark bearing sweet water fruit for you.  The brown, the green or the pink.  The positive, the dull or the sky.  Choose for yourself. 

Couple it up

One will always be stronger than the other, but together will be their strength.  Not judged by who won when, but how long they went together.  Not measured by the distance travelled, but the journey that defined.  Not valued by the moments of joy but by how much they accepted each other.  Not overshadowed by…


You walk on the golden sand or white,  The footprints will be left behind.  Left behind like a yesterday – bright or shadowed  Waiting to be washed by a new day – a new wave.