It ain’t me

A moment to ponder, what I was with you. A different girl, whom I fail to recognize!    

Her Gift!

For all the strong acts she showed to the world, none is true. For all the happiness she smiled at, none is true. For all the dreams she wanted to achieve, none is true. For all the words she said in anger, none is true. For all the items on bucket list, none is true….


The shortening breath and the thumping heart,  When the moment of truth is about to move your world apart When you are nervous a second seems like an eon  You reflect on past and muddle bout future but the thought of present are long gone If only you could hold leash of your wandering mind …

Passed by

Why did they think she will not be annoyed if they did what she was not allowed to? Why was it so easy to move away and do the same? Was there no conscious? Or was she to be passed by?


She never revealed her weakness for that would destroy them. But she did, giving control to some stranger.  Who knew he will pull down all the strings to make her naked and escape, leaving her a new desire to unlove.

Drifting doubt

      Deep down inside lies a half baked pie. With love so bright together will they take a bite?   So much doubt on what she had, but complete faith on what shall follow. With no doubt that past is now dead, for his magic is turning her life mellow.   The sparkle in their eyes gazing for…

Tapping fingers

And as we drove down the lane, the rain drops talked to me. I tapped each with my finger,to realize, so is our life. The more you tap it with force the more it gets distorted. Leave it untapped and its sparklingly beautiful ! Going with the flow. Falling at the right place !

The rhyme of time

If time could speed up, the pain and slow down the times of cheer, It’s always the reverse I wish to steer. It’s always the love, I wish to dance for. Dance on tunes of his heart, till the time makes the tapping feet fall apart. With a blink of an eye, I wish to heal the wounds and with…