You are living each day in the center of your own universe- the present. Define yourself – not for the outside , but for soul. Be in the center, grounded with faith. The outside will get attached in its own way to the center- the present.     posted in response to via Daily…


via Daily Prompt: Jiggle He didn’t want to hurt her Still he did all that he was asked not to ever think of she was hurt, her life went up side down. She demand nothing but truth. He couldn’t say much but lie. It was a rattling heart and mind -one let go the other held…

A promise

She accepted him for a promise… A promise which tore her apart, A promise which became her weakness, A promise which became her only regret.


She fell for his words For words never became an act. She fell apart.

From pen to page

  From pen to page Drives a memory lane Of moments of pain, Of moments only in brain. Besides a window pane, with reflections of ours, so mundane. A street of word maze, of that unsaid phrase is the story that lies between a pen & page.