Magical bench

Fortunately this bench had an amazing view. But I think almost every bench has one. A view that secludes you from the world- a magical view. 

It takes you away in your own world. You battle with questions and few minutes down the line its just a blank spot. Thoughtless. Few mins later you enter in a state … something like that of meditation, admiring the world around. And then … you just smile, take a deep breath … relax. Thanking Him for all you have today. 

From then to now … all of it flashes, in & out. Nothing matters but the breeze and the sun warming you up, refreshening you up, enliving you for the present. 

Its all about the bench which soaks your tension and worries, giving you a moment of joy, a moment of refreshment, a moment to take a pause and look back to admire your own journey. 

Have you found out your bench yet or have a similar feeling aboutyour favorite bench 😝?


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