Open letter to the guilt!




I haven’t addressed you lately. For I was lost in dealing with my own guilt of initiating an ill chapter of my own.

Chapter existed or written at first place was inappropriate. When the words not mean the truth, the chapter should not exist. But it still does exist in my book. Every time I close it, there comes a Hi which is written by your guilt. So here is to your guilt!

Guilt- as I understand you are a feeling that tells my conscious that I was wrong and have harmed someone unknowingly or knowingly.

So Guilt, why do you come when conscious has no intention to correct the wrong doings or do something which can negate all the stuff that make you alive today? You are supposed to die the moment you are realized.

If you are dancing back and forth to disappoint or trigger the pain, what are you? Don’t you have a life of your own? Don’t you have a conscious of your own? An angel doesn’t support you to reduce the weight that burdens your owner now and then, extending your lifetime? No one guides you? No one tells you, that you should not exist at the first place because the conscious doesn’t do any thing to make you less obese. Hey Guilt, you are a burden?? (not on me though. my guilt is quite figure conscious :D)

What are you? Existing? invincible? godly? or what? what are your characteristics? Not humane for sure! Because, if you existed for me, I would know it. I know my conscious would help you with some weight loss. BUT, you don’t exist for me. You exist to entertainment him. To come and see if your sad muse cries again or gets hyper again with that question “what happened?”

Seal it with – i just said hi. and i am sorry for it. Its the guilt which says hi to you!

to be live again? 

here is my reply to your guilt-

Hey Guilt, ssup? I am fit and fine. How about you Mr. G? Are you bloated that you wanted to vent out with a Hi in alone time? Oh goooshhh you are something isn’t it? Let’s communicate to add more weight to you! That makes you noticeable, right? Where is your conscious? Dating the fatal system? Can I just crush you with my feet? Do you have substance enough to make that trampling noise? 

And then again your guilt vanishes. Isn’t it? So let’s just crush your Mr. G for your owner doesn’t really care what you are in reality. Nor he knows what you are meant for. Nor he can understand … YOU! So why does he make it alive?

Go Away Mr. G! For his good not mine. He created you. He is curating you. Don’t fight with me Guilt. I am not your’s anymore. I was not even yours ever. I have my own guilt to hangout with. Why is my chapter even telling about you? It has said enough. You never existed in the story. The real guilt never was there. And narcissists don’t have guilt.

Hey Mr. G, GoodBye!






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  1. Prakash Gupta says:

    Good one!! Enjoyed it thoroughly 🙂


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