Where next

First day of any vacation the question pops up – “where next?” I don’t really know if that is normal or not, but it has become a habit.

In my childhood i remember clicking with the latest Kodak camera and getting the film developed and saving it in an album which after few months was in a trunk!! Today, I see kids clicking selfies and sharing over social platforms. GenNext !!!

 My parents always planned for vacations like explorers. Today I see myself not as an explorer but someone who seeks enough information before visiting the place. So much information that when I actually reach there, all is predictable. That explorer/traveller feel is kind of subdued. Isn’t it ? 

Or the other way to look at things – you are well informed about the place, terrain, weather and you are well prepared for an experience. Though the unpredictable part is kind of lost. 

The good or The bad. 

The true traveller or Todays social wanderlust. 

The unexpected or well informed. 

Blurring boundaries between today and yesteryears.  


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